Stellenbosch Wines, South Africa

Discover the wine region Stellenbosch in South Africa.


Nestled in a valley of South Africa's Western Cape is the historic town of Stellenbosch. Surrounded by vineyards Stellenbosch is regarded as the major producer within the renowned wine region. Situated on the western side of the cape winelands, Stellenbosch is one of the oldest settlements in the area, second only to Cape Town.

Established in 1971 Stellenbosch has quickly become a leading route for wine lovers. Taking full advantage of this, some of the larger Stellenbosch wine estates offer tours of the Stellenbosch wine farms and tasting sessions from a well-stocked cellar!

As the region produces a variety of wines, a Stellenbosch wine tasting is an eclectic affair, with anything from Shiraz and Merlot to Cabernet Sauvignon on offer. Credit for these varieties goes to the excellent Mediterranean climate and the favourable soils, allowing growers to produce a range of high quality wines.

As it is located closer to the coast than other major producers in the area like Paarl or Franschhoek, the red wine produced by Stellenbosch is of particular quality, with the cool sea breeze helping to temper the hot climate.


Stellenbosch map

Information about the Stellenbosch wine region:

Country: South Africa
Province: Western Cape
District: Cape Winelands
Area: 21,5 km²