Chenin Blanc wines, South Africa

Discover the white Chenin Blanc grape variety produced in South Africa.

Chenin Blanc

Known by many names like Pineau de la Loire and Steen, Chenin Blanc wine comes from a white grape which is common in France as well as South Africa. This versatile grape can be fermented into a wide variety of wines for every taste - sparkling, sweet for a dessert wine, or even a milder white wine flavour depending upon the vintner's particular technique.

Chenin blanc: Region and History

Chenin Blanc grapes go back to the 1650s. There are two common tales about how this grape came to grow in South Africa's soil. The first noted incident claims that a vineyard artisan known as Jan van Riebeeck introduced the grape to his local community in 1655. The second story has a bit of historical flair - it is said that when the Edict of Nantes was revoked in 1685, Huguenots escaping France brought the grape with them.

Tastes of South African Chenin Blanc

From the valley of France to the artisan vineyard owners of South Africa, the Chenin Blanc white wine of South Africa can be paired with a variety of meals. It comes from a grape with high acidity, lending itself to a dry taste. Consider it a canvas for the vineyard's master vintner's to add their own unique nuances and flavours to it.