Chardonnay wines, South Africa

Discover the white Chardonnay grape variety produced in South Africa.



The Chardonnay grape has been popular in South African vineyards since the 1980s. The white wine Chardonnay is known for its ability to grow well in a wide variety of soils. It enjoys the dry climate of South Africa, although care must be taken to avoid the warmth making the grapes too acidic. In the mid 1990s South African vineyards in the Franschhoek valley experimented with a Chardonnay, Pinot Noir blend, which has become a signature for the region, especially for the Méthode Cap Classique range.

Chardonnay wine characteristics

Chardonnay wine from South Africa is characterised by flavours of fruit, notably peach and citrus. There are also spicy and woody notes, mainly oak, due to the barrels Chardonnay wines are fermented in. This dry white wine is very easy to drink, with many consumers specifically enjoying the oak flavours.

With a full-bodied texture, South African Chardonnays provide a rich tasting experience. Warm smells of ripe fruit hint at the flavour to come, while a creamy texture helps make the wine intensely palatable. The mineral balance of the wine is important, with care taken to ensure the correct levels of salinity and acidity. South African Chardonnay is deservedly popular due to the high quality of every aspect of the wine.

Over the last years more and more wineries produce as well unoaked Chardonnay to show the pure character of the wine.