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De Toren Wines - Private Cellar

De Toren - playing amongst the world's elites wines since its maiden vintage of Fusion V.

Each of the de Toren wines are site specific and are a reflection of their soil. DE TOREN FUSION V, driven by Cabernet Sauvignon, is made in the Bordeaux ‘left-bank’ style, and the Merlot driven DE TOREN Z, is made in the Bordeaux ‘right-bank’ style.

De Toren Private Cellar

De Toren Private Cellar

In 1994 Emil & Sonette Den Dulk established the boutique Private Cellar De Toren.

The sites of De Toren were selected based on the location and the stunning views. The name of the farm: De Toren is a translation from the Dutch and means the tower. This refers to the shape and architecture of the winery and the tower allows for gravity-flow winemaking.

The maiden vintage of “Fusion V” was the 1999 vintage, a Bordeaux style blend of out five varieties, dominated by the Cabernet Sauvignon. The first of its kind in South Africa. This 1999 maiden vintage received a gold medal from the IWSC competition and 90 points by both Parker and Wine Spectator, showing that De Toren was able to play amongst the world’s elite.

A new addiction to the cellar was released in 2004, again a Bordeaux style blend, but this time dominated by the Merlot. The wine was called "Z", named after the Zephyr-wind that frequently blows over the farm in the afternoons.

De Toren Private Cellar video

Name: De Toren Private Cellar
Region: Stellenbosch
Area: 25 ha
Wine: 100% red wine
Owner: De Toren Holding AG
Winemaker: Martin Fourie (Dec 2015)

De Toren Private Cellar map

PO Box 48, Stellenbosch, South Africa

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